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Welcome to the guilds new website [ Kingdom ] - we will be upgrading hosts and such within a reasonable time, of course once we get larger, the demand for a better site, voice chat, and such would be reasonable nice to have.

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NEW: [ Event ] August 16th - September 1st [EVENT]

gCuddles, Aug 16, 11 1:22 AM.
Hello everyone we are having two guild events that will be running until September First. I will explain them all below.

Event #1:

Each member that tries getting the most guild points ( by guild questing ) will win a special prize. It will not go by guild points, it will go buy the amount of guild quests you do. I know how many points each member gets per quest, so I will know exactly how many you have did.

Winner 1 : 1,500,000 Gold + Unique Weapon of their next level tier.
Winner 2 : 750,000 Gold + Unique Weapon of their next tier.
Winner 3: 250,000 Gold + Unique Weapon of their next tier.

Event #2:

Each member will get a unique weapon of their current tier if they finish the following requirements.

Level 11-20 : 2,000 guild points
Level 21-30 : 4,000 guild points
Level 31-40 : 6,000 guild points
Level 41-50 : 10,000 guild points
Level 51-60 : 20,000 guild points
Level 61-70 : 150,000 guild points

If you have an idea for a guild event; please mail in game, or over the website, to
  (  Minajj  )

Prizes will be handed out on September 1st, that is the day all the events end. So good luck, and enjoy.

People who are excluded from this contest:   Minajj , gCuddles , titilicious

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